The Steel Mace Is Set To Take The Fitness Industry By Storm

Self advertising

Nothing works as well as a bit of publicity. You should look at regularly adverting your skills, a certification in mace bell training and knowledge on the various media pages, magazines, newspapers and websites. 

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Over a period of time such exposure would make your name stand out in the business. 

steel mace

If opportunity presents itself you could even get live TV coverage. During such exposure you could sell not only your present training-related business, but also any future ideas and plans you could offer to prospective clients with the steel mace.

Audience approach

In spite of any type of advertising you indulge in, it is also important to know if the content of such advertising is reaching the right type of audience. It is of no use if you just keep posting hot selfies, how selected exercises can prove beneficial, etc. Issues to concentrate on would be:

  • Is the information being posting of value to the audience?
  • Is the message positive?
  • Is the information on workouts and nutrition useful and applicable?
  • Include information on holistic nutrition, dance and fitness to attract particular audience segments.


You need to be aware that like you, others in the personal training business are also vying to make a mark in the business. In spite of any outstanding past achievements and various steel mace certifications obtained, you need to be constantly on your toes.

Every couple of years you need to look at where you have reached and then start to think of new ways and means to make your name and business stand out more setting you apart from other personal trainers.