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How Emotional Eating can affect your Weight Loss Goals

As explained on many Facebook pages, eating plays a large part when you want to lose weight. What you eat, when you eat, how much you eat, how often you eat. What you eat is of course the biggest factor, as the wrong type of foods can totally negate your efforts to achieve weight loss. But there are certain factors besides natural hunger pangs that can trigger wrong eating habits and keep you from achieving your weight loss goals.

Emotional factors that can generate wrong eating habits:

Emotion plays a big role in your eating habits. You could be tired and hungry, so would like to tuck in to a large no-holds-barred meal and then post it on Facebook or Twitter while feeling guilty!

You could be feeling sorry for yourself because of some unfortunate incident so decide to literally drown (eat) your sorrows away. At times you could be lonely so you use food to act as an antidote.

Or you could be totally stressed out and use food as a balm for your mental discomfort. Another emotional factor which could lead to unnecessary gorging on food, is guilt. If you are undergoing any form of guilt you might take refuge in binging on food.


Have you been guilty?

If you have been working out regularly in Sydney and find you are still very much at the starting line, may be you have been guilty of one or a few of the above mentioned emotional eating binges.

You should look back to a few weeks into your training and check whether you have been a victim (intentionally or unintentionally) of emotionally-induced eating. Check the situations involved, what type of foods you indulged in and why you selected such foods.

You will find some Emotional Eating Sydney groups on the social medias such as My Space, Facebook or Twitter that could help you with your struggle.

Effects of emotional eating

When you eat food you are making an impact on your body, mind and soul. The right type of food will ensure you enjoy a healthy and fit physical condition.

If you eat just to comfort some negative emotion you are undergoing, such food is bad for you. Likewise, if you eat because you are under some stress the food consumed will not do any good.

Ways to conquer emotional eating

Once you find you have been guilty of indulging in emotional eating, you need to do some soul searching – like finding out what triggered such bouts. Were you angry? Disturbed? Indulging in self pity? Once you pinpoint the emotion that triggered such useless eating bouts you can make some changes down the line.

Instead of going on an eating binge you could try some other distraction – such as reading a book or going for a long walk to clear and calm your mind. If you still want to eat to overcome the emotion, make sure you select the right type of food such as fruit, nuts etc. Keep in mind you are into a workout regime. Your workouts have to be able to burn the number of calories you consume.


If you have indulged in emotional food binging a few times, once you acknowledge the triggers of such bouts you can make a positive change. Awareness can make a big difference. Take control when you feel you are emotionally upset and (a) find another way to deal with the problem or (b) make sure that what you eat will not affect your weight loss goals.

Six Tips to Get Fitter

If you want to lose weight it is not going to be easy, especially if you have let yourself go without proper exercise and eating the wrong type of food. But it is better late than never to make this decision. What you need is motivation, commitment and a realistic approach. Below are some tips which could prove useful.

Realistic goals

Just because you may want to lose around 20 pounds, do not try and get rid of the same in the fastest possible manner. You will have to do so in a spread out manner, that is set yourself small goals and once you achieve them, set new goals. In this way you will find yourself making progress which will finally lead you to your actual goal. You can also start to test booster such as testosterone which will help you better results.

Get Fitter

Are the right resources available?

If you decide to use swimming as one of your planned exercises, you need to have a swimming pool nearby. Or if you are keen on a good outdoor run, the weather should provide the right opportunity. Maybe you could check out a nearby boot camp which will be ideal to help you shed weight in a professional manner and will give you heaps of six pack tips.

Put it in writing

If you have a normally busy schedule chances are you could forget the days and times kept aside for fitness training at the boot camp. To ensure you keep the schedule, circle the days on your wall calendar. This will help as a good reminder.

Also it would be a good idea to keep a diary in which you can jot down whatever exercises you are doing; any changes you are making; as also the food you are eating. During fitness training you need to be on a special diet, so keeping track of the food you eat is important.

Make plans work

Perhaps one of your planned exercises is to have a good workout outdoors or go for a run. Then you realise that the time you have set for this workout will clash with your time to be with the children at home.

Think of what you can do to satisfy both requirements. You could look at a nearby boot camp to see if they have a child care centre where you can leave the children for a while. Or if the weather is not conducive to work outdoors, try and set up an exercise arrangement indoors.

Get trainer expertise

Since you will be doing exercises that suit your body requirements, it is important that you do them correctly. If you have doubts on this issue, you should consult a personal trainer or a some muscle websites. Trainers are professionally trained and will be able to guide you on not only what exercises you should do, but also how to execute them. This will make the whole routine more doable and enjoyable.

Company needed?

Maybe you are the type of person who needs a bit of boosting and support when exercising. If this is so, look for a partner who can fill this gap. Not only will such a partner give you the right company while exercising, he or she will also play a supervisory role, maybe pulling you up on days when you might slack off a bit.

Tips for Making Your Workout Program a Success

First you should understand that making changes in your body can take time and hard work. To this end you should not make a long term plan. Instead chalk out goals that are short term and which over time will help you to reach your goal. Hiring a personal trainer to help you get started and plan a proper exercise routine for you will be of great help.

Advance planning

Once you decide to undergo a workout program, you should plan in advance. For instance, if your schedule needs the outdoors, you should make arrangements for indoor exercise also so that when the weather does not permit you will not miss out on your workout. You could use the opportunity to join a club, or purchase your own sports equipment for indoor use.

Workout Program

Your workouts should be in sync with your daily schedule

If you are a working person or need to be out of the house at specific times of the day, you should pick a time during the day which will suit your above activities. Joining a regular class may not be for you as you may have to miss a few classes depending on your schedule. However, if you do miss a class try and make up the lost opportunity by going for a long walk.

Track your workouts in writing

You should keep a diary in which you should record what type of activity you performed on a particular day, and the length of time. You could also record the exertion put in or heart rate target. This will help you to track the progress you are making and how far you have come since starting. You could get your personal trainer to help you to keep the diary up to date.

Enjoy the workouts

When you decide to start working out make sure you choose a routine which will make it a fun activity. Select exercises that you would enjoy doing. You could rotate the activities, like biking one day and walking the next. Listening to music while exercising, would help to soothe the mind.

Having company while you exercise could turn the workout into a kind of ‘buddy’ sharing. You should not stick to the same old routine keep trying new ideas like joining a dance exercise class or a class for water-walking. You could also take up some sport like golf or tennis.

Get the family involved

Getting your family members involved while exercising could prove fun also. Instead of gathering around the TV, get the able members to go with you biking or for a nice long walk. Having the right company you will be able to source out new interesting areas and enjoy a few adventures.

A good and healthy habit

To really feel the impact of exercise on your body, you need to do your workouts over a period of several months and in fact working out should become a part of your everyday routine. Initially you may miss a couple of workouts, but with the help of a personal trainer you will soon find yourself becoming a regular and in fact looking forward to doing the routines.