Benefits of kettlebell training

Benefits of kettlebell training

When the clock shows the time for you to get to your friends, you jump in excitement, even if it means you would have to spend the hour running or exercising. Kettlebell courses training improves more than your health – it gives you an opportunity to spend time with your friends and get in shape all the same. So, why would anyone want to go walking alone when you can drag all your friends and train together?

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Below are three proofs that kettlebell qualification training is better than walking:

Firstly, walking is dull. Agreed that it has got many benefits and help you stay fit but walking everyday can get very boring and monotonous. To get the best results, you need to walk for minimum half an hour and with each passing day, it would get more tedious. Eventually, you would want to stop altogether. However, with a group, exercises are fun. The thing is that working out with friends makes the exercise exciting because you keep each other entertained and comfortable. Laughing your way to a routine or exchanging gossips make your session with your personal trainer enjoyable.

Secondly, blowing off your friends is tough. Quitting once you have started something with your friends isn’t that easy. When you are walking alone, you can skip without having to explain anything to anyone. If you want to bail out then you have no one to answer but yourself. But, when you have friends counting on you, you think twice before skipping any session. They keep you motivated and you return the favor. Kettlebell training is a success because people hardly give up.

Last but not the least, competition makes it a game that everyone wants to win. Everyone wants to do better than the others and this adds thrill to the routine. You pick up the group energy and perform the exercises without undermining yourself. If any one of your friends is able to carry out an exercise, you know for sure that it is not impossible which gives you inspiration to work your way through it too.

Kettlebell training is under the guidance of a personal trainer would get you the required results and help you achieve your goals better than walking alone in the park. No matter how hard the exercise is, you know you are not alone. Your friends are right by your side to support you, to motivate you and to keep you going.

Making a Living as a Personal Trainer

Finding a Job as a Functional Training Personal Trainer

It goes without saying that professional functional training qualifications from a recognized university, relevant trainings and experience matter for a functional fitness personal trainer who intends to conduct group functional training classes. Finding a job as a personal trainer or as a fitness instructor is challenging and may seem difficult. You must evaluate various options and try out all of them in order to search for a good job as a personal trainer.

Use your contacts

You may have many contacts in the fitness industry from your training days or internship days. personal training They may be seniors in the industry who have their own training business or gyms. Such people are constantly on the lookout for hiring staff. Approach them for jobs at their organizations. If this does not work out, ask them if they know anyone who is looking to hire a fitness trainer for their personal trainer courses.

Use job portals

You can upload your details in various job portals available online. It helps submit your resume to various prospective employers. Various gyms or functional fitness courses institutions frequently approach job portals or agents to help them recruit trainers for their various personal training courses. Using a job portal is a great way to get in touch with them.

Why is Personal Training Important for Women

While everybody benefits from a regular workout regime; women can gain more in terms of strength; fitness and good health. Male and female bodies are not created equal and women are more susceptible to injuries and strain as compared to men. Add to that regular household chores; multitasking; pregnancy; menstruation and menopause; and you will appreciate why regular personal training is a must for women.

Importance of Regular Workouts for Women

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So if you are a women (or have ladies in the family); you should know how a woman is constantly on her toes throughout the day; juggling home and outside assignments. This invariably takes a toll on their body leading to chronic ailments such as knee pain or backaches. Women are also more susceptible to injuries as they rush about constantly through different zones and planes.

Furthermore, hormones in a woman’s body contributes little to muscle building and strength (as compared to testosterone in males) which is why women have less muscle mass and raw stamina. And the onset of menopause can deal another severe blow to a woman’s health leading to brittle bones; weak muscles and general weakness.

All this can severely hamper a woman’s movement and physical fitness which is why you definitely need to work out if you are a woman. If you think a boot camp may be the best fit for you, then take the time to check out

Personal Training for Women

Workouts are an innovative approach to fitness training which incorporates movements that are part of your regular work. During the training session, you will be mimicking everyday motions such as running; walking; sitting; pushing; climbing; sprinting; lunging; gripping and so on. Repeating these moves in your workout helps you to perfect them; improve ease of movement and perform more throughout the day. Once your sessions are over you can easily reach the top shelf of your pantry or pick up heavy grocery bags from the floor. If you’re in Coogee and in need of a personal trainer, then be sure to visit best personal trainer in coogee.

The sessions are specifically designed to help your body (a woman’s body) perform your daily activities in a seamless and comfortable manner. The modules focus on all the minor and major muscles of the body (and not just any particular zone) so that all your muscles are worked alike. The workouts are basic and low intensity and use your body’s weight as prime resistance. Sometimes, simple equipments such as kettle balls; dumbbells; stability balls; medicine balls, resistance bands and so on are used to create more impact.

Benefits of Personal Training specifically for Women

As mentioned earlier, women are more like to multitask as compared to men. This forces their body to go through a range of movements; which is just what you do in your workout sessions.

There is no muscle isolation in functional exercise. This means all the muscles work together which improves your overall stamina, flexibility, balance and coordination. After a few sessions, your body will be able to perform as a whole at its optimum capacity.

Personal training is low in intensity which means women of all age and fitness level can do this safely. There is practically no risk of injury as you just repeat your everyday movements under the supervision of a trained expert. Even pregnant women will find this regime safe and suitable for them.

Popular Nutrition Topics on Facebook

How Emotional Eating can affect your Weight Loss Goals

As explained on many Facebook pages, eating plays a large part when you want to lose weight. What you eat, when you eat, how much you eat, how often you eat. What you eat is of course the biggest factor, as the wrong type of foods can totally negate your efforts to achieve weight loss. But there are certain factors besides natural hunger pangs that can trigger wrong eating habits and keep you from achieving your weight loss goals.

Emotional factors that can generate wrong eating habits:

Emotion plays a big role in your eating habits. You could be tired and hungry, so would like to tuck in to a large no-holds-barred meal and then post it on Facebook or Twitter while feeling guilty!

You could be feeling sorry for yourself because of some unfortunate incident so decide to literally drown (eat) your sorrows away. At times you could be lonely so you use food to act as an antidote.

Or you could be totally stressed out and use food as a balm for your mental discomfort. Another emotional factor which could lead to unnecessary gorging on food, is guilt. If you are undergoing any form of guilt you might take refuge in binging on food.


Have you been guilty?

If you have been working out regularly in Sydney and find you are still very much at the starting line, may be you have been guilty of one or a few of the above mentioned emotional eating binges.

You should look back to a few weeks into your training and check whether you have been a victim (intentionally or unintentionally) of emotionally-induced eating. Check the situations involved, what type of foods you indulged in and why you selected such foods.

You will find some Emotional Eating Sydney groups on the social medias such as My Space, Facebook or Twitter that could help you with your struggle.

Effects of emotional eating

When you eat food you are making an impact on your body, mind and soul. The right type of food will ensure you enjoy a healthy and fit physical condition.

If you eat just to comfort some negative emotion you are undergoing, such food is bad for you. Likewise, if you eat because you are under some stress the food consumed will not do any good.

Ways to conquer emotional eating

Once you find you have been guilty of indulging in emotional eating, you need to do some soul searching – like finding out what triggered such bouts. Were you angry? Disturbed? Indulging in self pity? Once you pinpoint the emotion that triggered such useless eating bouts you can make some changes down the line.

Instead of going on an eating binge you could try some other distraction – such as reading a book or going for a long walk to clear and calm your mind. If you still want to eat to overcome the emotion, make sure you select the right type of food such as fruit, nuts etc. Keep in mind you are into a workout regime. Your workouts have to be able to burn the number of calories you consume.


If you have indulged in emotional food binging a few times, once you acknowledge the triggers of such bouts you can make a positive change. Awareness can make a big difference. Take control when you feel you are emotionally upset and (a) find another way to deal with the problem or (b) make sure that what you eat will not affect your weight loss goals.